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Results First Edition 2023/2024

We are proud to announce one more successful Erasmus + project handled !

This project provided an opportunity for young people who are looking for a new profession to acquire the basics to carry out and perfect the activity in the circular economy, e-Commerce, Second-Hand, Auction Market. The training offer fully met the demand requested by young people interested in pursuing new professions in compliance with the evolution of the modern labor market by helping to provide specific skills that traditional schooling does not offer in this subject.  The training project, designed in this way, ensured that young people received training in line with the needs of the market through training on this eLearning platform with free 24/7 access. The project succeeded in making learners understand the fundamentals necessary for their acting in circular economy.
Feedback from participants
We asked learners to answer a structured questionnaire on the perceived quality of the course, the web platform, access to online classes, tutoring services, difficulty of the final test. This survey allows the possibility to weigh the efficiency of management, the quality of the training package delivered.
Evaluation questionnaires were collected by interview and through mailings ensuring reliability and validity.

100% had easy access to online classes without any technicalproblems ! It is important that the Web platform be accessible to everyone in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people.
100% of the learners found very interesting the program.
96of learners found the Tutor Service very professional and always available.
95% of the learnes confirmed their interest in participating again in other ERASMUS + initiatives.
93% of learners found Erasmus+ eRejuvenate Academy an excellent course that increased their skills and knowledge.



ERASMUS+ VET eRejuvenate Academy Results.JPG
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