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E-COMMERCE and SECONDHAND markets are increasingly important to consumers and the marketplace players are looking for young managers. The lockdown period triggered a mass purchase movement based on online business and the secondhand market is a new key trend.


The worldwide resale market is growing 11 times faster than traditional market and will reach 84 billion of euros by 2030.


Long represented by leader players such as eBay, Amazon, Vinted, Katawiky, etc,  this model is now extending to fashion, vintage, modern art, antiques, luxury goods, precious, motors, games and toys, etc.


Are you interested to learn more about the circular economy ? Are you interested in becoming an auctionner? Work in auction houses, offer your skills to online maketplaces, become a Circular Economy specialist, flank secondhand shopping channels ? Come on, Erasmus + eRejuvenate Academy is offered free of charge by the European Union to young people with effective interest to increase their skills and searching an amazing job in the business of the circular economy. A lot of online secondhand marketplaces, new leader brands as IKEA, LaRedoute, etc, launch new space dedicated to secondhand business.


There's a lot of things you can get involved in: do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be aboard to the most exciting Erasmus + training.


What are you still you waiting for? 


Enroll now onto the european course online open 24/7, especially because the number of trainees enrolled at our online Academy  is limited.


We are proud to announce that the ERASMUS + €Rejuvenate Academy is an approved European project funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ programme Partnerships in Vocational Education and Training. eRejuvenate Academy involves young people in the achievement of new key competences on social media business with a balanced mix of vocational digital skills. eRejuvenate Academy contributes to innovation in vocational education and training and resort to e-learning via virtual learning environments, multimedia hardware and software and through social networking to help the participants to learn within the established times.

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