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We believe in the young generation, we invest and design interactive initiatives for the future dynamic and sustainable careers with concrete job opportunities especially during the hard times that this pandemic has brought upon us, and dynamic non-profit organization that shares with our academic values and vision of life.


We believe that Erasmus + Programme financed by the European Union is an essential tool for all and we’ve been striving for years to ensure that younger generations have – through Erasmus + Programme – equal opportunities to develop their ability, quality and talent.


We chose our partners carefully to guarantee not only the quality of the projects but also the purpose on which the program was created. This project highlights a new opportunity for young people. All the kits and materials needed were prepared by VET expert team and we must thank all public and private stakeholders for giving us their confidence and enthusiasm for Erasmus + €Rejuvenate Academy


We were impressed by the amazing participation of the young and we hope that one day soon we can welcome them again in our premises so they learn what Erasmus + do for their future. Thank you to everyone involved!

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