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The Erasmus + €Rejuvenate Academy works from locations across the European Union.​ As an online educator, this Erasmus + does not require attendance at any physical location. Learners may complete their assignments at any time during the education period. Neither learners, academic staff are required to be online or in attendance if they are observing a religious or secular holiday. This training program is open to all learners wishing to pursue a basic education in the circual economy, secon hand online market, auction management business. Learners must be at least 18 years of age up to 30 years and have a secondary or high school diploma or the equivalent. The course will be free of charge. Each participant must start and complete the course program autonomously within a predetermined and agreed deadline assigned. The Tutors follow the progress of the learners of own country and will encourage them to finish the course within the agreed deadline.

You can apply anytime and the registrations will remain open.

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